Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who began their careers as independent music producers and DJs in the deserts of New Mexico and California. Coming together in the late ’90s after connecting through the legendary Moontribe scene, today the duo enjoys a reputation as one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo, psy-bass, and tribal trance acts in the United States. Desert Dwellers have toured extensively across six continents, spent a 7-week stretch on the road with renowned psychedelic artist Shpongle, and have performed at dozens of festivals, most notably Shambhala, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision, Coachella, Rainbow Serpent, and Boom.

Deya Dova is an international touring artist, mystic and visionary, on the front lines of the revolution of consciousness. Writing music as new myths, infusing sound with themes of hope and empowerment. Singing in new stories that assist in smashing through old paradigms of perception. Co producing with husband, Hamilton Barnett, together they fuse ancient songlines with the futurism of Global Bass music. Blending the primal & divine frequencies of Deya’s voice with organic beats and the sacred instrumentation of world infused sonic tapestries.

Using the throbbing bass and hallucinogenic echo of dub reggae as its foundation, the music of worldbeat pioneer Gaudi (Daniele Gaudi Cenacchi) has encompassed countless genres and styles, including Indian classical, jazz, ambient, new wave, and pop. Active in his native Italy since the early ’80s before relocating to London in 1995, Gaudi has released over a dozen albums, including collaborations or remix projects with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Pete Namlook, and the Orb. He’s produced or remixed hundreds of artists, ranging from worldbeat acts like Suns of Arqa to pop groups such as Simple Minds and INXS. He’s also produced music for myriad television programs and commercials, and has extensively toured across the globe.

Kaminanda’s ever evolving sound is a playground of original Midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms,Psy- Dub and lush downtempo textures. Kaminanda’s music is designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing landscapes reflecting a myriad of diverse influences.A kaleidoscope of warm melodies and twisting ,winding compositions. With six albums in the wake ,this organic spaceship of frequencies balances musicality and ethereal soundscapes to evoke a deeper and hypnotic experience.

Imagika Om is a sonic alchemist, music producer, dance floor unifier, & performer. Her alluring musical tapestries have taken her around the world many times, uniting sounds that span the globe. Whether she is creating tracks from scratch full of earthy primal beats & cosmic layers sparking ancient ancestral remembrances, or spontaneously activating the space with her potent blend of exotic world-fusion remixed rhythms & mystical vocal invocations. Some of the ingredients to her unique sound include tantric temple trap, tribal percussion, shaktifed sound configurations, primal midtempo house, latin world bruja beats. deep dakini devotional dub omstep, & kundalini-raising bass.

For nearly two decades, Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers has also been at the helm of the global-electronic project Liquid Bloom. Feeling equally at home on the international festival dance circuit, in the yoga studio, and in the more subtle sonic spaces reserved for intentional ceremonies guided by ancient allies, the wide-ranging artist collective under the umbrella of the Liquid Bloom project spans distance, time, and dimensions of mind.

Treavor Moontribe is one of the founders of the Los Angeles based “Moontribe Collective” and its legendary full moon desert gatherings. Since 1993, these events have been at the core of Southern California’s underground electronic music scene. Treavor established himself as one of the top Djs in LA thru these events and has since traveled the world from Brazil to Japan to Morocco, Portugal, Germany and all over North America. As a Dj it’s always been his diversity that’s set him apart from his peers. His love for music spans multiple genres and his DJing reflects this as he is just as known for Techno/Progressive as he is Psy Trance and various other forms of electronic music. In 2009 Treavor became the first American label DJ for Denmark based Iboga Records and released a compilation for them called Set9: Desert Selections. The compilation was an instant hit topping the psy trance chart on Beatport and the CD chart at In December 2011 Treavor joined the Neurobiotic Records family with his debut compilation called “Neuro:Minded” feat. Psy Trance songs from legendary artists like Dickster, Logica, The Commercial Hippies, Flip Flop, Polaris, and more. It was an instant success reaching #3 on the top Psy Trance songs chart at and #2 in the top releases chart.

MC, poet, activist for peace, and visionary of the conscious Hip Hop collective Luminaries, J Brave’s greatest gift is his ability to bring people together for the greater good. As one of the three vocalist of Luminaries, his band has toured the world spreading messages of peace, love, & unity through the vehicle of music, and as an expression of service.

California based Kirtaniyas are a global collective of energetic, multitalented artists. These twenty-somethings grew up in a Vedic culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotion between ashrams and temples both in India and the western world. Vijay Krsna, band leader, studied devotional Indian folk music known as “Kirtan” in the sacred village of Vrindavana, India. This rare traditional art form is an ancient call-and-response mantra chanting practice, that originated in the Indian subcontinent over 5000 years ago. Joined together with his musically gifted wife Sarasvati, soulful vocalist Rasika and drummer Nitai, Vijay formed the Kirtaniyas in 2009. They have since travelled the world to over 15 countries infusing new life to these ancient chants with youthful spirit and energy.

At the age of eighteen he started his career as a Dj in private events, becoming himself a lover of electronic music at a short age. In 1997 he participated in the radio program named TECHNOPLEX, transmitted in 105.7 FM, with Mauricio Rojas Dj Klang an.. At the age of eighteen he started his career as a Dj in private events, becoming himself a lover of electronic music at a short age. In 1997 he participated in the radio program named TECHNOPLEX, transmitted in 105.7 FM, with Mauricio Rojas Dj Klang and Lizbeth Ajuria. It can be said that Carlos name has been made up with touches of imagination.

Dj and radio presenter from Costa Rica who started in 2008 as a producer and host of the radio space called SÓNICA. Her beginnings were in a cultural radio and then jumped to one of the best radio groups in her country. Irma López specialized in the production of social and cultural events with Costa Rican DJs and also alongside collaborations with major producers of international concerts. In 2011, she trained as a dj in the djs Laboratory of the Editus School, starting almost immediately playing and performing in many places and for different brands in Costa Rica under rhythmic pieces to the best house style and fusions of Latin sounds. That’s how she started to break through and make herself known as one of the best djs in Costa Rica. Currently, she presents herself regularly transmitting energy with the audience and guaranteeing the enjoyment of the show.

Ruby Chase brings a new type of triple threat to the electronic music scene weaving DJ sets mixed with live vocals, dance and a show experience full of energy and movement. Her sound blends melodic bass rhythms with raw vocals and dirty drops to keep a party building, while pulling them into her charm. Last year she was featured in releases by Mad Decent, Anjunabeats and released her debut music video “Snake Charmer”. This year she is back in the studio crafting collaborations as well as developing a new project titiled “Initiation” which will be an EP supported by a live show experience.

Samuel J, is an innovative singer song writer, producer and conservationist. His unique music and soulful performances have helped him to establish a strong reputation with an ever-growing global fan base. Some of his career highlights include, being selected to perform for his holiness the Dalai Lama (as part of the Dalai Lamas 70th birthday celebration)and performing at the Olympic and Paralympic games in London.Samuel’s hard hitting performances have taken him to share his music around the globe. Already he has toured and shared the stage with the likes of Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, Zero 7, Alice Russell, Jurassic 5 and an array of the leading musicians in Brazil…….

Artist, producer, engineer and Live PA/DJ performer. Underground techno-house and electronic downtempo.

Elisa Rose • Pablo Collado • Mose • Movimiento Artístico Jade
Adém Joel • Avery Runner • Tono Gereda y Compañia • Anahata & Bloom
Moondrop & Iyakuh • Johnny House-In • Alais Clay • ROOTFLUTE


Memorial Service for Julian Tot Bol
(Excavator and finder of the first tomb in Tikal)


Chief Black Fox

Delbert Pomani, also known as “Chief Black Fox”, is from the Crow Creek Agency in Fort Thompson, South Dakota. His mother was from Standing Rock, and his father- from Crow Creek. Delbert is a descendant of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Rain In The Face, and White Ghost. His name, “Black Fox,” was given following a vision that Delbert beheld the duty of “Uniting the Tribes.” He has been sent on a mission from all the Elders at Standing Rock including Chief Leonard Crow Dog who is the Chief of all Chiefs in this nation. Five years ago when Chief Leonard Crow Dog of the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota initiated Delbert as a Chief for the Dakota Tribes, Chief Black Fox knew he was the one to work for and represent his people and native culture.

It is Chief’s life purpose to bring awareness to all people about the importance of our land, sky, and water. Chief has spent almost two decades helping his people restore their tribal structures and to embrace solidarity. Chief Black Fox has also given many “Sacred Water Blessings” to many groups including churches, spiritual centers, schools, community events, and festivals. It’s his passion and calling to teach children how to respect and care for Mother Earth and Father Sky the same way his ancestors taught him. As a Chief, he has been able to unite organizations and tribes all across North America and also in Hawaii. His vision is to unite ALL People of the Earth in harmony. Where there are no color barriers. Only LOVE.

Black Jaguar

Danilo has been a guide in Tikal and 35 other Mayan sites for over 20 years, he has been spiritual consultant and guide in major productions such as Survivor, Morgan Freeman’s The Story of God among others. This journey will challenge your heart, your body and your mind to break through. He is the host of Mirador Expedition.

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Nan Shuni Giron

Nan Shuni has been an ongoing advocate for the In Lak’ech Ala K’in movement, a wise Mayan greeting and statement of acknowledging Oneness and Unity as we see ourselves in one another through the lenses of love and reverence. She is a Mayan High Priestess and Ajq’iij, in addition to a plant medicine healer, Spiritual Guide, and Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner. Originally from Guatemala, Shuni has become the sole carrier of all her ancestors’ lineages and has brought and performed a countless number of ancient ceremonies handed down through many generations of Mayan culture, and continues to spread awareness, understanding, and education around the world with the intention of setting an example for those who are willing to see her love and respect for all as an ideal way of life.

Jose Munoz

Jose Federico Munoz is a Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar for the Maya Chorti, Quiche, Mam and Kakchiquel people.  Additionally, Jose Federico is the carrier of the spoken word of Mayan History from the years of 1444 to 1529 for which he works in what he calls the Northern Territories. These range from Guatemala to the western parts of Alaska, and to the East of Montreal. Jose is also the permanent Guardian of a crystal skull called “Kame Cimi”, the 33rd Crystal Skull – “Manifestation Skull”. This skull was found in a creek by a village in the Amazonas in Argentina.  Eventually, this crystal skull found its way to some Japanese Tourists in 1981 and then was gifted to Jose Federico in 1992. In addition to Kame Cimi, he has been entrusted with the Mongolian Ancient Skulls of Harmony, Peace and Love.  His crystal skull accompanies him everywhere he travels and participates in many ceremonies and meditations for World Peace.  He has been dedicated to assisting in the world peace movement since 2008 and works with several peace advocacy groups.  As Jose Federico says, “I am of service to EVERYONE”. 

Julio Yat Tot
(Son of Julian Tot Bol)

Nana Concepcion


 Carlos Barrios (The Book of Destiny)  • Tata Shaman

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